So – I design t-shirts!

(and Guess What – YOU can do it, too!)

I am not a designer by ANY means, but I learned how to design and sell t-shirts on!

It’s not that hard, actually. Just design a shirt (I use and upload your design to Merch by Amazon.

Pro-Tip: Then, become an Amazon Affiliate or Amazon Influencer and share your affiliate link to your designs (just like I am doing right now)

**Disclaimer: All of the Amazon links on this site are affiliate links. If you click the link and purchase I get a portion of the proceeds.** (pretty cool stuff, huh?!)

So – check out my designs and let me know what questions you have about selling your own merch on Amazon!

DM me with your products – I’d love to see!

Here are some of mine –

and here’s my blog post about Merch by Amazon: