I can still remember sitting on the floor of the old AEA Building. I had just arrived back from an out-of-town gig, and I did not want to leave again any time soon.

I was scooting around the crowded floor from friend to friend asking for temp agency recommendations. Somebody had a business card from one of her temp agents, and I was scribbling phone numbers on it.

“There has to be a better way” – I thought.

That night I went home to Google “Survival Jobs for Actors” and couldn’t find a resource… so I created one.

That was back in 2008. Survival Jobs has been through many an incarnation since then. It started out as an informational website and then transitioned to a job board. While I still want to offer actors job postings from amazing employers – I think survival jobs are part of a bigger converation.

So, I started a podcast – Acting Successfully with Michelle Dyer – to talk about everything in the business (except for how to sing, dance and act).

I hope to provide you with valuable resources and insight. I’m not a staffing agency – just the connector between actors and employers. Thanks for stopping by!