Merch By Amazon – Actor Side Hustle Series

Merch by Amazon is a super easy way to sell your designs on

As of April 2019 you can sell t-shirts, sweatshirts and pop-sockets with your own designs.

It’s great!

Here’s my video on the process, check out the highlights in the blog post below.

Here’s what you do –

• Request an invitation to Merch by Amazon (
• Create a 4500px x 5400px design on a site like Canva (
• Choose which item you’re going to sell (t-shirt, sweatshirt or pop-socket)
• Upload your artwork
• Pick colors
• Fill out description
• Submit your design!

That’s it!

After your design gets approved, to get out the word – you can include links to its page on Pinterest, your blog, social media, etc.

*Bonus Tip – I highly recommend applying for the Amazon Associates program so you can make affiliate fees off of any shirts (or other items) when purchases are made after clicking on your link. (See Amazon Associates rules for posting on Social and in email, though. There are definitely rules that they enforce to avoid spammers).

— And yes, I am using my Amazon Associates links in this description. —

*Extra Bonus Tip – Did you think of creating your own merch for your acting career? Pretty cool, huh?

Here are some designs I’ve made: