I don’t care if you ever listen to any of my other episodes… if you currently are, or one day hope to be a working actor, you need to listen to Meredith Patterson – NOW.

Ok, now it would be super cool if you listened to my other episodes, too, but this one is kinda epic, because the advice I’m trying to share with ‘yall is not coming from me – it’s coming from Broadway Star (42nd Street, White Christmas) Meredith Patterson!

Golden Gems!!

  • 3:20 – 4:47 Survival Jobs – why?
  • 6:28 – 7:00 Why everyone needs a side hustle
  • 10:08 – 10:32 Regional Work
  • 11:18 – 11:38 The Business of Show isn’t something we really think about…
  • 12:03 – 12:22 Think Like an Entrepreneur – When you get to a certain point of your career…
  • 13:12 –  14:07pm – Start Building something now – biggest advice to people now starting
  • 14:28 – 15:09    – Testing for TV shows – emotionally what that can do to you. If you have some other type of income come in –  Allowing you to still be an actor.
  • 17:34 – 17:51 – I wish there was a blueprint for this business. This is how it is – let’s be real

Meredith has “found her jam” with Arbonne and I want YOU to find YOUR Jam! Go find or create a side hustle! Don’t just take my word for it… listen to Meredith!! 🙂


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