Gary Vaynerchuk

My mission is to share with you everything I wish I would’ve known.

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Here’s a taste of things that I think are important for you, especially as an actor to hear.

“Every second you spend thinking about what somebody else has, is taking away from time that you could create something for yourself.”

I still look at Instagram and “what if”, “look at her”. I never was on Broadway, why should I be giving out advice? Because I care. Because I want to share this with the world. Because I want to help others. So, I can say don’t judge yourself, but I still need a reminder.

I found it hard straight out of college to not compare myself to others. So & So was getting a show. So & So lived in this amazing apartment & Mommy & Daddy paid for their life.

You know what I needed to worry about? My. Own. Stuff. You don’t know that person’s story. Everyone has something. Which leads me to my next @GaryVee video…

This next one is especially hard in our industry. It can be fun to be catty about a performance, or dog a show. (Check out my Twitter Feed during the Grammy’s – I’m guilty of it) but I need to remember to choose love. Those are people giving their best. Giving their all. We need to support one another right now.

It is fun to be witty & clever, so use it to build others up, rather than tearing them down so you can make yourself feel better. Take action. Do something for your career. Help someone else. Do good. We could all use a little of that in the world right now.


P.S. Please follow Gary on all the Socials for more amazing insight. There’s so much in his content that you can apply to your career. Check it out. and have Patience. I don’t think it’s talked about enough, but patience is one of the main things you need in this career – heck, in life. Keep your head down, work hard, do what you think is right, have patience, and enjoy the journey. (Corny saying – but now I truly understand why you need to enjoy the journey. You never know where it will take you.)