Finances for Actors – (Part 1) Intro

I started back in 2009. Since then I left the business, got married, had kids, and pretty-much ignored the website… until 2017.

I felt that I was ready to come back and talk about more than just Survival Jobs.

The conversation is about so much more than just Survival Jobs.

It’s about your financial life – expenses, income and yes – gasp – retirement.

Trying to explain this stuff to my kid now is very eye-opening. I mean,

  1. They don’t teach this stuff in school – and
  2. They’re pretty basic concepts

…and I don’t mean to say that to be rude or condescending, I mean YES – IRA’s, 401(k)’s – Roth this – Roth That – it’s hard to understand.

But, the financial industry puts big fancy terms on concepts to make us think – “Wow – that’s beyond me – I’ll just pay someone else to figure this out.” and it works out great for them!

But you CAN do this.

I’m not a financial advisor, I don’t even claim to be one.

But, I geek out on this stuff and I love sharing what I’ve learned with others – and ESPECIALLY actors, who need to know this stuff. 

The earlier you get started the better!

Time is a resource you can never get back – and it’s SOOOOO valuable – especially in investing.

So, I want every 21-year-old actor to read this blog, work their survival jobs, their side hustles, go after their dreams and save for retirement.

And if you’re in your 30’s or above (like me) – it’s not too late! You can do this too! What’s the alternative? Holding your breath and hoping for a lotto ticket down the road?

Arm yourself with this knowledge.

Get the basic concepts down.

When you’re in the “building a career” season of your life, you’re armed with the knowledge of how to make it all happen.

Then, if and when you get a sweet-paying gig, you’ll know how to handle your money as well.

Because we all know it’s not how much money you make – it’s how much you keep of what you make.

We all know of famous actors going bankrupt. It wasn’t that they didn’t make enough money. Think about that…

So – learn the basics, get informed – arm yourself with that knowledge and that power & join me in the journey of educating ourselves.

I’m happy to have you here.

xoxo, Michelle