I might be listening to a little too much Gary Vaynerchuk lately, because I started ranting (speaking passionately) about why I think we should all talk about money and finances.

It’s fun to talk about your interests or the things in which you’re an expert, but it’s usually not fun to talk about finances.

Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it certainly buys you choices.

You should be planning for your future. Don’t depend on Social Security – it may not be there when you’re old enough to use it, and when you are, it may buy you next to nothing.

You also want to be stable in relationships! When you get older, if you end up in a partnership with kids and a house, you’ll want to have made better choices.

In your 20’s, put $2,000 a year into a Roth IRA account. Because of compound interest, you’ll have much more money in your account when you reach retirement if you start when you’re 25 than if you start when you’re 35.

Relationships: There are people who were already married or financed by their spouse, so they didn’t need a survival job. However, people do get divorced and relationships end… then what would you do?

Also – you shouldn’t have to stay in an unhealthy relationship for this support. Get out! Support yourself.

It may not be cool, but pack your lunch.​ Your future self with thank you.

Thanks for listening to this episode. Let me know what you think, what topics you’re interested in learning more about & have a great day!!

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