9/16 – Financial Summit for Actors

MelRob from The Biz of Show, Collin O’Connor from The Not So Starving Artist and I have the following interests in common:

1) finances for actors 
2) building community 
3) ridding the starving artist mindset. 

The 3 of us came together to host the Finance Summit for Actors. 

This summit has 2 options:

  • in person with access to the online component
  • online component only

The summit will offer a financial portal where you can nab all the FREE giveaways that go with the summit.  Days after the summit a recorded version of the summit will be posted in that portal.  While the summit is being recorded we will not record any humans that are attending the event.  We want humans to come in vulnerable and feel safe, so the Q&A portion of the event will NOT be recorded.

We are charging $10 for the event because we want to make sure you show up!  We are putting in our excitement and soul into this and want you to do the same.  You have two options: in person and online only.

Lets build community and have your money work for you.

Click here for tickets and I can’t wait to see you there!!

xoxo, Michelle